Clinical Trials

While there is no current treatment or cure available for Choroideremia, there are a number of Clinical Trials currently underway testing potential treatments for CHM.  Individuals interested in being part of a Clinical Trial, or eventually being treated for CHM when a treatment or cure becomes available will need to have had a Genetic Test to confirm their diagnosis of Choroideremia.  These tests involve a simple blood draw that is sent off to an accreditted lab where a diagnosis of CHM can be confirmed at a genetic level.


Clinical Trial Information For Patients and Caregivers

Understanding what a clinical trial is, and how the experience differs from just receiving a treatment, is helpful in determining whether a clinical trial is right for you, a friend, or a family member.  Please take the time to refer to each one of the Frequently Asked Questions in the Tabs below to gain a better understanding of clinical trials and whether applying for one would be the right thing for you.


Current Choroideremia Clinical Trials and Natural History Studies

For clinical trials and natural history studies for Choroideremia that are listed on the National Institutes of Health website click here

National Institutes of Health basic information on clinical trials click here

National Institutes of Health information for patients and families click here