Your support today provides critical funds that will be used in accelerating the research that will end blindness caused by Choroideremia.


Fundraising programs are what allow us to invest in cutting edge research designed to find a treatment or cure for blindness caused by CHM. Hosting a fundraiser can be as easy as setting up a “Birthday Fundraising Appeal” or putting on a small event with friends & family. Keep it simple, or get creative – it’s up to you!

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Sustaining Supporters

The Choroideremia Research Foundation’s urgent pursuit of a treatment or cure for Choroideremia is only made possible by the generous donations of our supporters.

Becoming a Sustaining Supporter is a perfect way to give a defined amount each month to help the CRF accelerate the pace of science and provide critical funds to researchers that will allow them to push forward toward a cure. These regular donations are automatically charged each month making it an easy and convenient way to give.

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Additional Ways to Give


Donate Stock, Securities or Mutual Fund Shares              

Donating appreciated stock or securities that you’ve owned for more than one year can offer benefits to you as a donor while supporting the important work of the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

STEP 1 – Donate Stock

Your gift can be electronically transferred to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.  Please provide your broker with the following information about the Choroideremia Research Foundation’s account:

Broker Name: JP Morgan Clearing Corporation (Phone Number: 800 392 5749)

Transferring agent: JPMCC

Name on account: Choroideremia Research Foundation

Choroideremia Research Foundation Account # 73327304
Choroideremia Research Foundation DTC (Depository Trust Corp) # 0352
Choroideremia Research Foundation Tax ID: 04-3511754

STEP 2 – Notify the Choroideremia Research Foundation

So that we can accurately identify, allocate and acknowledge your gift, please contact Kathi Wagner, Executive Director, at or (800) 210-0233, Ext 5.


Make an IRA Charitable Distribution

An IRA Charitable Contribution allows you to meet your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirements without adding to your taxable income.  This benefits you while supporting the important work of the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Choroideremia Research Foundation Board member Michael Mullen has shared this IRA Pamphlet for informational purposes.  Michael Mullen is Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Indianapolis, IN.  (Your financial advisor can provide similar information on request.)  Ask your IRA administrator how best to proceed, because the process can vary from firm to firm.

For more information on how to

  • Make a Wire Transfer
  • Secure an Employer Matching Gift
  • Include the Choroideremia Research Foundation in Your Will

please contact Kathi Wagner, CRF’s Executive Director, at or (800) 210-0233, Ext 5.