The Izzo Brothers, One Team One Dream

Paul, 38, from Katy, TX, Stephen, 36, from Jacksonville, FL, and Matthew, 31, from Austin, TX can be followed on Instagram @IZZOULTRARUNNING. Running for Team CHM and finishing 63rd, 64th, and 65th, all three of the IZZO brothers recently completed their 3rd 100-mile trail race, the Rocky Raccoon 100. The connection to CHM comes from Paul’s wife, Kyra, a college friend of Stephanie Vetere Sims.

“No Sitting, No Sleeping” along with “One Team, One Dream” are two of the mantras that keep the brothers moving while on he course, along with their support team and fresh socks and shoes. And it works, as they have also completed seven 50-mile trail races. They run individually, but they run as a team, all three finishing all of the ultra-distance races that they have entered. As they run through the woods at night with headlamps on, passing trees, over rocks and roots, they are hoping that their fundraising efforts allow for CHM’ers to someday do the same.

Paul, Stephen, and Matthew are also accomplished marathon runners with a goal of “One Team One Dream” taking on the Boston Marathon. They are each only a couple of minutes from their qualifying times. Best wishes and a big thanks to the IZZO brothers and their support teams.

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