The Izzo Brothers, One Team One Dream

Paul, 38, from Katy, TX, Stephen, 36, from Jacksonville, FL, and Matthew, 31, from Austin, TX can be followed on Instagram @IZZOULTRARUNNING. Running for Team CHM and finishing 63rd, 64th, and 65th, all three of the IZZO brothers recently completed their 3rd 100-mile trail race, the Rocky Raccoon 100. The connection to CHM comes from Paul’s wife, Kyra, a college friend of Stephanie Vetere Sims.

“No Sitting, No Sleeping” along with “One Team, One Dream” are two of the mantras that keep the brothers moving while on he course, along with their support team and fresh socks and shoes. And it works, as they have also completed seven 50-mile trail races. They run individually, but they run as a team, all three finishing all of the ultra-distance races that they have entered. As they run through the woods at night with headlamps on, passing trees, over rocks and roots, they are hoping that their fundraising efforts allow for CHM’ers to someday do the same.

Paul, Stephen, and Matthew are also accomplished marathon runners with a goal of “One Team One Dream” taking on the Boston Marathon. They are each only a couple of minutes from their qualifying times. Best wishes and a big thanks to the IZZO brothers and their support teams.

Show your support for the IZZO Brothers Incredible Ultra-running for Team CHM and help them End Blindness caused by Choroideremia by clicking here.

Team CHM’s World Champion

What length with a mother go to try and save her son’s sight? For Stephanie Sims that answer is 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running at the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Stephanie Sims competes in IRONMAN Wolrd Championship for Team CHMStephanie’s IRONMAN World Championship journey began in 2016, when she raced on Team CHM’s IRONMAN Wisconsin team, earning her entry to the coveted Kona race. For the last two years, Stephanie has spent countless hours training for these races and raising funds in support of the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Stephanie’s journey to Kona on behalf of Team CHM was personal. She is a carrier of choroideremia and in addition to her father and other family members, Stephanie’s son Sullivan has CHM. Stephanie is racing for a reason: to make a difference in the fight to save Sullivan’s sight and the sight of others with CHM.

Stephanie, thank you for being our champion. Because of you, we are closer to finding treatment and a cure for CHM.



Milwaukee Runs for Reason

A group of runners and walkers gathered on June 25th in Milwaukee for a unified reason: to raise funds to support the CRF and fund a cure for choroideremia.

Milwaukee Run for a ReasonIt was a beautiful day to save sight as Risa and Sidra Berg led partipants through Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward and Lakeshore State Park. Sidra completed this event in honor of her Bat Mitzvah, “I am trying to raise money/awareness about the cause because my uncle has CHM. It is important to know about CHM because someone you may know has it or someone you will meet has it. Even though not many people have CHM, it is still important to find a cure.”

Risa and Sidra’s efforts raised $1,685.

Thank you, Risa and Sidra for your hard work and commitment to funding research that will find treatment and a cure for CHM. We greatly appreciate InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center for hosting this fun run!

To view photos from the event, visit Team CHM’s Facebook page.

Racing for a Reason: Peter McConnell’s Story

Consistency counts. In training and fundraising for Team CHM, Peter McConnell found that consistency was the key to his success. Peter and his family ran a series of racing in Oklahoma in early 2017 culminating with the Oklahoma City Marathon, Relay and 5K on April 30th raising $1,650 to save sight and fund a cure for choroideremia.

Peter breaks down his success and how racing for Team CHM created hope and a sense of purpose and community:

1. How did it feel to achieve your race goal? What was it like to cross that finish line?

Peter McConnell Oklahoma City Marathon“It was awesome to see so many people out there to help me raise the funds and pass my goal! Crossing the finish line was one of the more humbling experiences I have had. To look over see my wife and kiddos there cheering me on and to be running across the line with what I would consider my brothers was awe-inspiring and made me very grateful for all in my life.”

2. How did you have success fundraising?

“Fundraising was a lot easier then I realized, thanks to social media and word of mouth. The key was to be consistent in sharing my message and to make ways available for all audiences and there were tons of people willing to give. Many more people than I knew had some kind of connection to eye-related issues in their own families so seeing Team CHM and the foundation being so active gave them hope and a way they could help!”

3. Were there any important lessons you took away from training for the race?

“Training requires consistency, awareness of your body’s limitation, and time. Time was a big part of it and my wife and kiddos were amazing with allowing me the time to do so and themselves being involved. Training also reminded me with my body it was okay to admit when there were days I needed to rest and be smart about things and I could relate that to how I function with CHM, knowing my limitations and being okay with what I can and can’t do and asking for help when I needed it!”

4. What surprised you most about racing for a cause?

“Racing for a cause really gave me a purpose. I have always wanted to find ways to connect to a cause of any sort, but finding Team CHM and a passionate way to give back to others and my own family (my brother, first cousin, and second cousin who is 16 all have CHM as well). This is a cause I will be a part of and find a way to be connected to the rest of my life. Knowing so many others care about this cause was very humbling and it made me very great for what I have in my life.”

5. What’s next? Will you keep running?

McConnell's Run for a Reason“Oh yes, we plan on running for lots of reasons and races. The running brought out a competitive nature I forgot I had so that was fun to reconnect with. I believe running helps the slowing of the loss of eyesight, I truly believe the better my health is the more I can slow down the progression of CHM and keep some vision longer. My wife Emily and my kids enjoyed being involved, spending race days together and wearing the shirts and Team CHM tattoos. I would love to connect with other Team CHMers to run a race together, maybe even getting some of you guys to OKC to run a relay here next year.”

6. What would you say to someone who is considering joining Team CHM?

“Totally do it! It’s so worth it and has helped to connect us with so many others who have similar stories and concerns. To know others out there are so passionate about the same cause, because they have it, or known someone who does is a universal, family feeling, even if we live thousands of miles away. I have connected with many involved with the CRF and Team CHM and my own experience in the clinical trial has truly opened my eyes and heart to the amazing people working hard to fight and stop this disease.

It is so worth being a part of and so rewarding in so many ways and it brings hope! It is very simple, very healthy, and very easy to do and brings so many amazing things to people like me who for a long time had no hope!”

Dennis Sims’ Reason to Run

My son Brett is 35 and has choroideremia (CHM). It’s hard to explain how difficult that was for our family to hear that diagnosis when he was 5 or 6. As a parent, I just tried to keep things as normal as I could for Brett. With Brett being part of the first Gene Therapy trials, we have had a chance to spend some real quality time together and we have met so many amazing people — people that are part of the trials, people with CHM and their families, and Team CHMers.

I am not a very outgoing person, but being part of this amazing CHM family has been a bit of a blessing, and helped me be a little more comfortable with people. That being said, it goes without saying that I wish Brett’s eyes were normal. With all the good news in treatments and research, and brave men like Brett, we will end this disease.

When Brett began running and did a fundraiser with Team CHM by running a half marathon in Philadelphia, I thought maybe I could do something like that too. Sports has always been a big part of my life, and being part of something like Team CHM and raising money for this unfortunate disease has been inspiring, fun, and important for many reasons. Getting close to retirement, I wanted to try to get in better shape. It seemed like a good fit and something I could do to help just a little. Brett has been a huge for inspiration for me.  We must stop this disease for our young CHMers. 

Dennis and Brett SimsBeing able to finish and cross the finish line will feel incredible. It will be an accomplishment I will be extremely proud of. I never thought I would be able to run again due to age and knee issues. To be able to run 13.1 miles seemed impossible a year ago, so to finish may just bring tears to my eyes. To be able to run this with my son and other Team CHMers, and to be part of Team CHM is truly an honor.

Cheer on Dennis and Brett and support the Sims as they race for a reason, to find a cure for CHM:

Interested in racing for a reason like the Sims? Learn more by visiting our website or contact Jen for more information.

5th Annual Eye Believe Concert!

For the 5th year in a row, the Calhoun and Looney families organized Eye Believe, a benefit concert for the CRF. Almost 100 people gathered together on March 5th at The Hope House in Nashville, TN for an afternoon of music performed by twelve musical acts, all talented young musicians from the Nashville area.

Attendees donated and purchased various items during the show. This year, Eye Believe raised over $10,000! In the five years the Calhoun and Looney families have been hosting the Eye Believe concert, they have raised over $40,000! Our thanks to the Calhoun and Looney families, the musicians who donated their time and talents and to the attendees and supporters of Eye Believe! We’ll see you next year!

Thanksgiving Gratitude: Laudenbachs Run 4 A Reason

Run 4 A Reason Team CHMHats off to the Laudenbach family who used their Thanksgiving holiday to “Run 4 A Reason” and raise $5,000 to put an end to CHM. The cold weather didn’t stop them on their journey to save sight!

We greatly appreciate the Laudenbachs for their continued efforts to give back and make a difference each Thanksgiving. They truly embody the spirit of the holiday season.

Visit the Team CHM Facebook page for photos from the Laudenbach’s race.

IRONMAN Racers Raise Over $65,000 for CHM

On September 11th a group of inspiring athletes participated in IRONMAN Wisconsin to push themselves to their physical limits while impacting the lives of those facing choroideremia. While swimming, biking, and running 140.6 miles is challenging enough, these athletes took on an ever greater challenge: saving sight.

Nine athletes toed the starting line for Team CHM and raised over $65,000 to fund treatments and a cure for CHM.

Thank you to our exceptional IRONMAN athletes:Team CHM at IRONMAN Wisconsin
Eric DeWitt
Laurel Groff
Jeff Lawton
Robert Newell
Jake Ohman
Eric Roberts
Stephanie Sims
Jody Smith
Zack Whitson

Stephanie Sims at IRONMAN WisconsinTeam member Stephanie Sims earned an entry to IRONMAN’s World Championship in October of 2017 as Team CHM’s top fundraiser, raising over $12,000 to impact her family and the lives of all effected by choroideremia.

Highlights from the weekend outside of cheering our exceptional athletes on to the finish include a presentation from CRF-funded researcher Dr. David Gamm at the Team CHM dinner and a presentation by Dr. Chris Moen of Team CHM’s video to all IRONMAN athletes at the event’s Welcome Banquet.

Team CHM at IRONMAN WisconsinPhotos from the weekend are available on Team CHM’s Facebook page, include scenes from Team CHM’s journey to save sight on the run course at IRONMAN Wisconsin and the morning swim and transition to bike course.

A big thank you to each of our athletes for providing hope and raising critical funds to find a cure. Your many miles of training and racing over the past year make a difference. Special thanks to Brandon Becker, Connor Miller, Dan Peterson, and Brett Sims for volunteering with Team CHM throughout the weekend.

Racers Raise $10,000 at Rock ‘n Sole Milwaukee

Team CHM’s journey to save sight at Rock ‘n Sole Milwaukee brought us many steps closer to a treatment and a cure for CHM. Team members raised over $10,000 while conquering the heat and half marathon, quarter marathon, or 5K distances.

Over 20 Team CHMers laced up their sneakers for a reason. Racer Barb Cameron set an ambitious goal of racing for a reason and gathering a group of friends and family to join her for a very special reason:

Barb Racing Rock 'n Sole“I am committing to run the Rock ‘n Sole Half Marathon on Saturday, June 11th for the CRF. I know it will not be easy and I will have to train long and hard to do this but I personally want to challenge myself.

OKAY, here are some of the thoughts running through my head… in the last 2-1/2 years I have had to depend on others for many things, including rides. But this is something I can still do by myself… just put on running shoes and run. I want to do this for independence, strength and confidence in myself as much as it is for the CRF.”

In addition to racing, Team CHM had a dedicated group of volunteers join us on race day, manning an aid station during the race, keeping athletes hydrated while showing off their Team CHM pride.

Team CHM at Rock 'n Sole Milwaukee

See more photos from the race on Team CHM’s Facebook page.