Milwaukee Runs for Reason

A group of runners and walkers gathered on June 25th in Milwaukee for a unified reason: to raise funds to support the CRF and fund a cure for choroideremia.

Milwaukee Run for a ReasonIt was a beautiful day to save sight as Risa and Sidra Berg led partipants through Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward and Lakeshore State Park. Sidra completed this event in honor of her Bat Mitzvah, “I am trying to raise money/awareness about the cause because my uncle has CHM. It is important to know about CHM because someone you may know has it or someone you will meet has it. Even though not many people have CHM, it is still important to find a cure.”

Risa and Sidra’s efforts raised $1,685.

Thank you, Risa and Sidra for your hard work and commitment to funding research that will find treatment and a cure for CHM. We greatly appreciate InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center for hosting this fun run!

To view photos from the event, visit Team CHM’s Facebook page.