Eye Believe Raises $8,000!

On Sunday, March 6th, over 100 people gathered at the Factory of Franklin in Franklin TN to take part in the 4th Annual “Eye Believe” Concert. Twelve high school age performers entertained the crowd while raising over $8,000!

Eye.Believe.2The 4th Annual Eye Believe was hosted by high-schoolers Daniel and Sarah Ashby Calhoun and was a huge success! For four years the Calhoun children have coordinated an acoustic musical event in honor of their 15 year old cousin, Sam Looney, diagnosed with Choroideremia several years ago. After learning of Sam’s diagnosis, the Calhoun family decided to utilize their talents and coordinate this musical event.

Eye.Believe.3The kids did most of the work, including Daniel emceeing the event. Living close to Nashville, the family is connected with many friends who are children of famous songwriters and performers. The children of these individuals have amazing talent themselves. In four years the event has raised close to $30,000!

Eye.Believe.1The CRF wishes to thank the Calhoun & Looney families along with the entertainers and supporters of Eye Believe! We hope to see you again next year at the 5th Annual Eye Believe Concert!