Team CHM raises over $10,000 at Lavaman 2014

Lead by Team CHM members Jodi & Sean McLaughlin of Alaska and Sharyl & Danny Boren of Hawaii 17 Team CHM racers took on the Lavaman Triathlon on March 30, 2014, this Olympic distance triathlon consisting of 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, and 10K Run on the Big Island of Hawaii. The entire team raced to raise funds and awareness for Team CHM - Sharyl, Danny, Adam, Jodi, and Sean - Lavaman 2013the CRF and Choroideremia. Jodi’s brother and Danny are both losing their sight due to the effects of CHM.  Jodi, her mother, niece, and possibly her two daughters all carry the disease to pass on to future generations. For these two families, this is a personal fight to save their sight and the sight of their loved ones.

The McLaughlins, Borens and their friends and family members decided to partner up in this venture because they know that blindness does not have to be the fate of people suffering from Choroideremia!  Human trials for a genetic therapy are taking place in the UK and are expected to start in the USA this year. If successful, these trials will halt the progression towards blindness! In addition, research is already underway for various forms of replacement therapies which hold the promise of restoring the sight we have lost.

Through the efforts of all Team CHM members at the Lavaman Triathlon 2014, more than $10,000 was raised to help aid in curing Choroideremia.